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Have you heard that there are many steps you can take to protect your oral health? For example, if you don’t brush and floss, you might also have to deal with tooth decay. Would you be surprised to hear that an unaddressed cavity might cause more serious dental issues, including an abscess?

Similarly, would you be surprised to hear that tooth decay might spread to the middle of your tooth? Once this happens, you’ll need a root canal to save your damaged tooth. If you choose to avoid root canal therapy, your tooth may die and may need to be extracted. A cavity can also let bacteria reach the center of your tooth, leaving you susceptible to a tooth abscess—which is a painful pocket of pus. While this may not seem like a serious issue, abscesses can cause a number of complications. For example, if you’re dealing with an abscess, you may have a strange taste in your mouth, a fever, and pain as you bite and chew. If you’re concerned about an abscess, we suggest contacting us as soon as possible

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