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The three main types of dental replacement treatments are dentures, dental implants, and dental bridges. All three assist in the replacement of missing or lost teeth. If you leave gaps in your mouth unfilled, it is possible for nearby teeth to slip and slide, and for plaque to build up. For more information about dental bridges, take the following dental bridge quiz:

What is a dental bridge?
a.) Dental bridges fill in gaps left behind by missing teeth to restore your smile
b.) Dental bridges can conceal serious chips and cracks in broken teeth
c.) Dental bridges can fix oral ailments caused by infection
d.) Dental bridges stop cavities from forming and fill in the holes in decayed teeth

Dental bridges are often used for which of the following?
a.) As tooth whiteners
b.) As sedatives for intensive dental procedures
c.) To replace missing or lost teeth
d.) All of the above

True or False: Dental bridges are real teeth.
a.) True
b.) False

True or False: A dental bridge may be used as an alternative to dental implants if you have a weak jawbone.
a.) True
b.) False

Answer Key: a, c, b, a

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