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Much like your body, if you begin working out at the gym, your body will become sore and tender. However, if you keep working out, your body becomes conditioned and healthier each day. Flossing works the same way. With time and consistency, flossing regularly will lead you to positive oral health.

The most common excuse for not flossing is the sore or bleeding gums people experience when they first begin flossing. However, what people do not realize is once they begin and keep up with the flossing habit, the gums become cleaner, healthier, and stronger while the bleeding and soreness come to an end.

Flossing removes particles from your teeth along with the plaque and tarter that build up and cause cavities and gum disease. Floss is the only tool efficient enough to deeply clean your teeth, providing you with excellent oral health. With the colossal effects flossing provides, it’s surprising more people do not take the time to floss to finally achieve proper oral health.

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