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Avoiding oral health hazards is essential to achieve premium oral health. When you avoid potential dental failures, you greatly increase your chances for a healthy smile that can continue to function properly for your entire life.

Smoking, chewing tobacco, and using drugs are three of the most potent oral health risks out there. They can result in tooth discoloration, gum disease, oral cancer, dental erosion, and total tooth failure. Increased oral health is just one of many reasons to quit. We know it can be difficult, and that’s why we at Thomas Bell, DDS will support you in that endeavor. In addition, be careful of the medication you take. Some medications can cause dry mouth symptoms, which can increase your risk of dental erosion.

You’ll want to eat healthy foods that strengthen your tooth enamel. Avoid foods that cause tooth decay, like sugary foods and drinks. In addition, avoid foods that can chip or crack your teeth easily, as well as chewy and sticky foods that tend to linger in your mouth around your teeth and gums long after consumption.

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