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When one or two of the teeth in your smile are affected by a physical, cosmetic imperfection, it can leave you feeling self-conscious about your appearance. This could come in the form of severely discolored tooth enamel, an unsightly chip, or an old filling that no longer matches the surround tooth enamel.

In a situation like this, the dentists at Thomas Bell, DDS can cosmetically restore the appearance of the unappealing teeth by performing crown restorations. This will eventually replace the entire tooth enamel layer with a special dental grade porcelain material that will perfectly mimic white, healthy tooth enamel.

Your dentist will start by examining the tooth and taking some X-rays. It’s important to make sure that the core of the tooth is completely healthy. We will then numb it by injecting Novocain into the underlying gums before using a drill to remove the existing tooth enamel.

This leaves behind the dentin core of the tooth, which will serve as an abutment to eventually anchor your crown.

We will then take an impression of the area before securing a temporary crown in place over the abutment. The impression will then be sent to our off-site dental lab where your new crown will be produced.

We will call you to schedule the second appointment when the porcelain crown is ready. During this session, the dentist will remove the temporary crown before using a strong dental adhesive to secure the porcelain crown in your mouth.

If you live in La Grange, Illinois and you have one or two teeth in your smile needing cosmetic restoration, you should call 708.469.6006 to set up a consultation with one or Thomas Bell, DDS’s dentists.