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As you may have guessed at a very young age, the foods and drinks you eat can have a negative impact on your smile. Although foods and drinks that contain sugar are often linked to a variety of oral health dangers, they are not the only hazards you need to avoid. Always exercise caution with everything you eat and drink, and take the necessary steps to ensure your diet remains healthy for your gut and your smile.

One of the biggest dangers to your oral health is acidic foods and drinks. Harmful acids in products are notorious for dental erosion and are linked to tooth decay, cavities, and all the other variations of enamel wear that can occur to your teeth. Avoiding acidic foods, including sour sweets and citrus fruits, is the first step to a healthier smile.

Did you know that as you age, the likelihood of a tooth cracking or chipping increases? Although it is possible to keep your teeth strong and effective for the rest of your life, it should be noted that your teeth will wear down naturally from chewing and eating, and thus extra protection should be given to them when eating or biting into hard products such as candy apples and corn on the cob.

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