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There are a lot of unassuming habits people have which can result in a cracked tooth. Repeatedly biting on hard substances such as ice or popcorn exerts too much pressure on the tooth, which can eventually crack the enamel. In addition, habits such as grinding your teeth and biting your jaw can also lead to damaging your teeth. There are several treatments available to repair these cracks, depending on their severity.

Minor cracks can be treated by either having a dental filling or dental veneer. A dental filling is the most typical of these treatments as it is easy to apply and can be completed in one visit. A dental veneer will cost more and requires a follow-up visitation for its application, and offers more stability for the cracked tooth.

A larger crack will require a dental crown to replace the strength and stability lost after the crack took place. In some cases, the crack can spread down into the nerve endings and blood vessels of the tooth. This area is called the pulp of the tooth and the root canal treatment is performed to prevent the pulp from becoming infected.

If the crack is too large, none of these treatments will help. The tooth will need to be extracted. There are several replacement options for you, such as dental bridges and dental implants.

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