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Teeth-whitening can noticeably enhance your appearance by giving you a brighter smile. Many people’s teeth become visibly stained or discolored over time; so to restore the natural color of their pearly whites, a lot of our patients use professional teeth-whitening and its impressive effects.

Teeth-whitening is a safe and effective cosmetic dental treatment that lessens the appearance of stains and discoloration of tooth enamel and dentin. Dr. Bell uses a whitening gel that’s applied to the surface of your teeth. The gel can lighten the appearance of yellowing on your tooth enamel.

There are several factors that contribute to making your pearly whites look dull, stained or discolored. For instance, poor dental hygiene can affect the appearance of your teeth. And certain drinks, such as coffee, tea, soda, and wine, can discolor your teeth, as well. The same goes for smoking and other forms of tobacco. Some medications or illnesses can discolor your teeth, and sometimes the culprit is simply the natural aging process.

Dr. Bell and his staff are proud to offer professional teeth-whitening whose results can last for months or even years after receiving the treatment. To learn more about Dr. Bell’s teeth-whitening services, you’re welcome to contact our dental office at 708.469.6006. We’re anxious to hear from you!