How Healthy is Sugar-Free for Your Teeth?

As you become more aware of your dental health, you may be avoiding sugary beverages and chewable treats. And that’s great! You are doing your part to prevent dental cavities (not to mention diabetes and obesity). But while sugar-free options in your soda, tea, lozenges and chewing gum don’t necessarily cause cavities, they may have… Read more »

Is Antiseptic Mouthwash a Viable Alternative to Flossing?

Many households use some kind of mouthwash. While mouthwash brands are used to only freshen the breath for a short amount of time, most of the popular brands have antiseptic agents in them. These agents help kill bacteria that can cause plaque buildup. Some brands will also include fluoride to help strengthen tooth enamel and… Read more »

The Dangers of Waiting on Root Canals

Did you know that root canal therapy isn’t as bad as you think? In fact, most patients who have undergone the treatment say it’s comparable to having a cavity filled. Still, we understand that having root canal therapy probably isn’t something you’re exactly looking forward to. But waiting to have a root canal treated is… Read more »

Take the Time to Floss

Much like your body, if you begin working out at the gym, your body will become sore and tender. However, if you keep working out, your body becomes conditioned and healthier each day. Flossing works the same way. With time and consistency, flossing regularly will lead you to positive oral health. The most common excuse… Read more »

Periodontal Disease Can Be Related to Other Health Conditions

New research suggests that periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, can have a serious impact on certain health conditions, as well as your teeth and gums. Periodontal disease is an inflammation of the gum tissue caused by the excess buildup of bacteria and plaque. Recent studies have found an association between the inflammation of… Read more »

Fluoride: What You Need to Know

Fluoride is a very important mineral that nourishes and strengthens your smile every day. As the minutes go by, minerals are added to and lost from your teeth, which is called demineralization and remineralization. However, there are times when your smile is more demineralized than remineralized, and it can allow the bacteria in your mouth… Read more »

Change Yellowed Teeth Back to Bright White Again

Teeth-whitening can noticeably enhance your appearance by giving you a brighter smile. Many people’s teeth become visibly stained or discolored over time; so to restore the natural color of their pearly whites, a lot of our patients use professional teeth-whitening and its impressive effects. Teeth-whitening is a safe and effective cosmetic dental treatment that lessens… Read more »